Why must production companies adapt?


Due to technology and traditional media, a lot production companies rely on being given a brief by a client and then working to that brief and providing one video for their client to then use on their website. But as content creators we need to partner with our clients to enable them to be publishers. Audience and customers no longer get wowed by the novelty of video. They simply see it as another medium, like photography, infographics, copy or podcast. In most cases video is the superhero among other forms of media, it increases awareness more effectively, engages more successfully and increasingly, converts too.

Production companies must have an understanding of the marketing funnel and the role of different aspects of marketing and advertising to then suggest the best approach to video creation. It’s no longer about making one video but thinking about where video fits in the marketing mix. What are the upcoming campaigns and projects that can be supported and championed by video?

Understanding YouTube is one aspect but as video producers we have a responsibility to understand the other channels too. Understanding the search function of YouTube, (it’s the second biggest search engine), is imperative to designing your videos. Seeing it as a display platform is key. Knowing how well performing videos can add real value to your SEO. All these things play a part in demonstrating to brands that, ‘it might be expensive but look at what a well made video can do’. Working through well defined KPI’s justifies the outlay.

I found working three years in a Digital Marketing Agency, that internally the business had a lot to learn about video, let alone the clients we had. The role of a video producer is to educate, walk alongside and be accountable for the success of the video. I don’t think we can merely make something cool, deliver the video and turn our minds onto the next project. Production Companies need to adapt by partnering with brands and businesses to produce and publish great video that not only looks and sounds good but is well placed, well received and raises the bar both in digital performance and as part of a wider strategy.

I don’t believe production companies need loads of clients and make one video a year for each, I think the structure needs to be seen as an extra arm of a business. Yes an expensive one, but if brands want to keep up with where their customers want them to be, a necessary one.