sam howson

After completing a degree in Theology and then working with young people, I made the move into TV. Working as a Sound Recordist I quickly grew my client base and was fortunate to work for National Geographic, and all major broadcasters, as well as commercials for Redbull through to Armani.

I bought some camera kit and worked as a second camera operator, I also began self shooting and directing. This provided a great foundation to form a company. Together with my wife we worked on TV commercials, digital video and everything in between. We were very quickly acquired by Jellyfish to set up their video department where I remained for three years.


giles cornah

My son always steals the limelight, but I’m in there somewhere! I have two main passions in life; one is climbing wild and improbable cliffs, often in light weight style and in inhospitable conditions. And the other is making kick-ass video content. The practicality of these two activities is often more similar than you might expect!

I’ve worked extensively as a freelance director/cinematographer and ran my own projects for clients such as e-on and the French tourist board. Back in the day I went in front of camera; I’ve done Visa, Jupiter Beer and L’Oreal for men, but have since lost my boyish good looks.

In my work I’ve developed a strong visual style which sits well in contemporary advertising.