first steps


Giles and I met on a Sunday morning sometime in the Spring of 2016, as he walked to Merstham station with a peli case along the road (we don’t have pavements in Bletchingley), I pulled over and offered him a lift.

Months later we worked together on a project and spoke about the idea of putting a business together.

So I went to the Alps to hang out at his house, meet his family, climb a mountain and follow a via ferrata through an amazing deep gorge. We spoke about what was important to us over a number of Pelforth’s and decided we agreed it was worth building a business that we both equally cared about.

  • We both agreed that we both are committed to our environment and renewables. We both love nature and being outside; hence terra firma.
  • We both care about the films that we make and the quality of them comes first.
  • We don’t just want to make one video and then move on, but we want to build a rapport with our clients
  • We want to work with our friends and partner with our clients to help promote the videos using paid and earned media and be ready to build out other requirements based on our networks.
  • We’re keen to work on content strategies and develop an understanding of our clients previous efforts using analytics and marketing tools
  • We want to build a business that is about listening to what our clients whilst also advising making the most of the trust they place in us.
  • We want to remain a lean business so that we can do what we love but remain incredibly competitive and agile.
  • We’re keen to travel and tell the stories of people and places that the rest of the world should know about.

Giles and I have a huge amount of complementary experience that we bring to Terra Firma, we’re keen to work with businesses and individuals who are aiming for the same.